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Guess where Billy & Sophie are going next?


Love it!

A great book that subtly teaches a very important message to kids. It has become a nightly read for my 3-year-old, she loves it and she is now telling other about how important it is for the animals that we pick up our rubbish! Well done Sue, hope to see more Billy and Sophie stories in the future.

Jess Glass

Captivating and educational

My 8 year old loves this book! Bright, colourful and engaging. Highly recommend for any primary school aged children and a must have for any library. Looking forward to the author's next release.

Jannette Hardy

Fantastic teaching resource!!

A wonderful story to teach young children about pollution and its effects on marine life. I would highly recommend this book to teachers and families who want to educate future generations about how they can help make our world a better place.


Excellent educational reading

A beautiful, carefully written children's book with an important environmental message.

This would make a fabulous book for any child's library.

Heather Wright


Wonderful book, with beautiful colourful illustrations and lovely story about protecting our marine environment. Great way to teach our children about the environment as they learn to read.

Sandra Ryan

A lovely book

Beautiful, engaging book for children. It contains bright illustrations with relatable characters whilst educating the importance of caring for our environment. Kids will love this!

Ros Reading

Amazing and engaging

Beautifully illustrated story capturing the amazing understanding level between children and our sea creatures and how our sea friends can easily become disabled by human acts.

Changing habits that make our sea creatures happy can shape our future.

Great book for educators to read to children.

Linda Walk

It's on my mind

I saw it, I informed myself, then i ordered some books. One for my 5 year old granddaughter starting school and one to send to Switzerland. They are in the right age for comprehending towards their future for a healthier Planet Earth, especially where we have failed to care for our environment.